This is where the rubber meets the road.
There is NO fluff or advertising on this page.
We’re getting down to business and I take that seriously.
This page will explain what we do and also what is expected of you.

The company name is MAJALO (Muh-hollow). We are located in upstate NY, just outside of Syracuse.
My name is Marc Pacelli and I am the founder of MAJALO and I have been producing videos for approximately 5 years.

Below you will see what we can and can’t do for you. You will also see what is expected of you.

You will be asked to fill out a short questionaire to see if you are a good fit for us to be working together.

Please read this entire page and if you have any questions please reach out to me at marc@majalogroup.com

Our main goal is to generate leads for you so that you can build your business. We do this by working with you to manage your campaign.

I will be completely transparent with you and I expect complete transparency in return.

We (You and I) are building relationships with customers for long term success.

What You Can Expect From MAJALO

* We will produce a fresh, new video packet every single month. Included in the packet will be: 1 video up to 1 minute in length in both horizontal and vertical aspects, a .gif file for use email marketing.

* All videos are in MP4 format.

* We will produce ads with images for the campaign as well.

* We can incorporate videos and images that you possess in the advertising campaign.

* We will organize and manage all social media campaigns.

* We will test campaigns in 7 day segments, gather data and make necessary changes in order to keep costs at a minimum.

* You can cancel at any time after a 2 month minimum term and all completed videos are yours to keep and use at your discretion. Please provide a 14 day notice prior to cancelling. 2 Month minimum term includes the first 30 days which are FREE.

* We currently advertise in; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok. You can choose any one of these or any combination of these platforms to advertise in. There are no extra charges to advertise in more than one platform.

*We will also create a funnel and opt-in form or link for your advertising campaign.

*Fast turn around time on video production.

* First 30 days are Free.

* We engage customers for longer retention. Our methodology brings the customer in at a personal level and they tend to remain a customer longer.

* We are competitively priced. We charge $1997 per month. (Minus adspend)

* We do not charge a setup fee.

* We will submit 12 posts per month.

( Below is an example of an agency that manages social media accounts and what they charge. )

In the example to the right is a price guide of an agency that manages social media accounts.

To advertise in 3 Social Media platforms (channels), they are charging $4500 per month and they are charging a $2000 setup fee.

Majalo is the best deal
Responsibilities of You and Your Business

* You are responsible for filling out the Intake Form. If you have not done so then follow this link; https://mmini.me/WEBSITE_INTAKE_FORM (Copy and Paste into your browser )

* If you do not have social media accounts established then it is YOUR responsibility to create them. Also, if you do not have a website built then it is YOUR responsibility to do so.
We currently advertise in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.

* You are required to submit a valid credit card upon starting and it will NOT be billed for 30 days. After a credit card is submitted we will begin work.

* If you are getting video creation services with no social media management there will be No 30 day trial period. The fee for just video creation services is $997 per month.

* You are responsible for providing adspend for each social platform that you wish to advertise in. This is in addition to the monthly fee.

* It is your responsibility to contact, and follow up with, the new leads that are provided.

* If you previously signed up with MAJALO and cancelled after the 30 day trial period you will not be offered another free 30 day trial . If you choose to sign up with us again you will be billed immediately and concurrently every 30 days.

We operate with complete transparency at MAJALO and we expect the same in return.
If you are a “Go-Getter” and you are ready to take your business and / or brand to the next level then select the button below.

You will see a “Trial Period” to sign up for.
You will see $ 0.00 amount due, go ahead and proceed.
Click “Start Your Trial” and as soon as we get this notification we will begin work.

After the Trial Period is over you will automatically be billed the appropriate amount of $1997 per month.

By clicking the link below , you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.